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Miami Lakes' Path to Pristine Indoor Air Quality

In the heart of Miami Lakes, a community celebrated for its harmonious blend of scenic beauty and vibrant lifestyle, the essence of clean indoor air takes on paramount importance. VR Green Cleaning steps up with an air duct cleaning service meticulously crafted to elevate indoor air quality, ensuring environments that are as healthful as they are aesthetically pleasing, for both residences and businesses alike.



Utilizes eco-friendly cleaning products, ensuring a safe environment for families, pets, and the planet.

Advanced Technology

Advanced carpet cleaning technology removes deeply embedded dirt, allergens, and bacteria, revitalizing your carpets.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling options accommodate busy lifestyles, offering convenience and minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Enhanced Ambiance

Enhances the overall ambiance of your space, contributing to a more inviting and comfortable environment.

Striking at the Heart of Airborne Impurities

Our initiative in Miami Lakes targets the full spectrum of airborne impurities hidden within air duct systems. These range from everyday dust and pet dander to more harmful pollutants like mold spores and bacteria. Through our exhaustive air duct cleaning processes, VR Green Cleaning aims to significantly diminish these air quality adversaries, fostering a healthier, more breathable indoor atmosphere.

Adapting to Miami Lakes’ Unique Environmental Needs

Given the architectural diversity and the varying HVAC demands across Miami Lakes, from cozy family homes to sprawling commercial complexes, VR Green Cleaning provides a bespoke air duct cleaning service. Each project begins with a thorough assessment, leading to a tailored cleaning strategy that addresses the distinct needs of each space, ensuring the HVAC system’s optimal functionality and longevity.

Deploying State-of-the-Art Cleaning Innovations

To secure the best possible outcomes, VR Green Cleaning employs the latest advancements in air duct cleaning technology. This approach enables us to efficiently eradicate all forms of contaminants from ductwork, vastly improving the air quality and operational efficiency of HVAC systems, all while aiming to extend their service life and reduce energy consumption.

Miami Lakes, FL

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Hired Green Clean Services to clean my couches , stairs and rug. They did a great job cleaning my couches and at great rate highly recommend. No more dog smells. At the end of the

David Knight

We had an amazing experience. The carpets looked professionally cleaned and fresh after their service! Thank you!

Diana Inguna Barboza

I called Anton from Green Clean Services to steam clean our carpets, as my two kiddos have been turning it into their personal playground. One of them has allergies, so I needed it done properly.

Jonathan Lopez

VR Green Clean came to my house today – the technician Vlad was a very nice fellow who did a professional job on my sofa, rug and chair. Booking was easy, via the website (and

Dustin Andres

Amazing work, super professional and the best price around. Andre left my carpets immaculate for my apartment move out, was punctual and extremely accommodating. Highly recommended! I will use them again for sure. Thank you!!

Jocelyn Medina

George was very polite and quick to clean our sectional couch. Got the stains out from our dogs dirty paws. Thanks George!

Cora D

A Commitment to Superior Service and Client Contentment

At VR Green Cleaning, our dedication extends beyond air duct cleaning; we are committed to delivering unparalleled service excellence to the Miami Lakes community. This includes offering flexible scheduling options, maintaining clear and open communication, and ensuring meticulous attention to detail throughout the cleaning process. Our ultimate goal is to achieve and maintain complete client satisfaction, reinforcing our position as Miami Lakes’ preferred air duct cleaning service.

For those in Miami Lakes seeking an expert solution to enhance their indoor air quality, VR Green Cleaning offers the professionalism, technology, and dedication needed to transform indoor environments. Embark on the journey to cleaner, healthier air with us and experience the difference our specialized service can make.